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  • Listening to: The Durarara!! intro!
  • Reading: Empire (issue 266)
  • Watching: Eragon!
  • Playing: Final Fantasy: Crisis Core!
  • Eating: Juicy Fruit chewing gum! QwQ
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Oh, alright then! I'm not a Jedi... But I have actually returned! :'D

Anygays! Hey'o guys! :dummy:

Uganda was nice ^__^ I'll probably put some photos on my flickr account at some point (Whenever I get the time xD)
This is mainly what happened:
I survived the trip, I read books, I wrote fanfiction, I went on a safari, I dropped one of my books in some mud (Stupid? I think so), I saw Bujagali Falls or however you spell that, I went to the source of the Nile which wasn't too esciting really, I chilled in a swimming pool, I missed the internet a lot, and I survived the trip back to Denmark! :'D
That's that. I don't really feel like talking about my holiday xD It would probably bore the heck out of you, so I'll link you to the pictures on flickr, whenever they're there :meow:

Moving on to a more exciting topic: GENKICON!
Best. Con. Yet! Ohmygod! It was so UHMAZING! x'3 I'm so sad it's over! D:
I had so much fun x3 I've met some new and awesome people, whom I am now stalking on facebook :'D Ok, that's not true. I SWEAR!
Soooo... DETAILS! :'3
Friday wasn't too exciting x'3 I had to leave early 'cause my mom had told me too... My friday cosplay was Beyond Birthday from Death Note, but unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of me wearing it o_O' FAILURE! 8D *facepalm*
Saturday was AWESOME! I was Finnian from Kuroshitsuji, and a few people actually wanted to take pictures of me, and quite a lot of people gave me compliments and stuff xD Then there was the cosplay show which was epic! There was a Harry Potter act and a Durarara!! act and more awesome shit x3 Unfortunately I had to go to a family-birthday in the middle of all the fun, so I missed 6 HOURS of the con -.-' On Sunday I cosplayed as Sweden from SATW, and I got to meet Humon which was just amazing! She's such a nice person, and she wanted a picture of :iconthelittlepartdane: (who is my Finland) and I, 'cause we were Sweden and Finland, ya' know? xD It made my day! OwO I'm already really looking forward to the next con, I'm going to which is J-Popcon in november C':
And then I'm going to meet this lovely darling: :iconjosephinefowl: (aka. Mello), so I'm sure it'll be just as awesome as Genki was! :'D
I'll upload some photos of my Finnian cosplay from a photoshoot we had on Saturday VERY soon ^__^

I might have some sad news actually... On Thursday I'm starting on this... boarding school I guess? and for the first 2 weeks I'm there, I'm not allowed to have my phone, and I think, I'm not allowed to use my computer for anything else but school related stuff as well, so you'll have to survive without me for about 2 week :'P I'm sure that won't be a problem though! xD   

Also, If you ever get the chance to taste something called Mirinda Fruity do so! It's god's gift to humankind! SERIOUSLY! It's SOOOOO GOOD! OwO

Now I'll go brush my teeth, watch Eragon and eventually I'll actually sleep :'3
Goodbye, freaks.

Now, what is the prize for reading my journal this time...? Hmm... let's see.. How about some virtual chewing gum? :'D


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hello there. 
My name is Tone.  
I'm a proud Whovian, Cumberbitch, Sherlockian, Harry Potter fan, Torchwood fan, and Nerdfighter.
I was born in Denmark... and I still live here.
I want to move to Wales or England when I grow up. Preferably Cardiff. 
I am considered an anglophile by a lot of people, so I believe I am.
I wish to become an author. And some kind of teacher. Maybe history or geography... or something.
I'm shortsighted, and therefore I (quite obviously) wear glasses.
I'm not very good at math. 
I speak French… very poorly.
I like physics, but that surely doesn't mean I get it all.
I have a tendency to get obsessed with stuff very easily.   
I love Martin Freeman.  
I cosplay and go to conventions.
I read a lot. I also write.
I’m very fascinated by the moon and stars... and the universe in general. 
I love the sound of rain. 
I love the smell og coffee but not the taste. 
I get annoyed, when people have no clue whatsoever about what they want to do with their lives.
I get annoyed by people who use “nerd” as an insult.
I curse a lot. Which I know I shouldn’t.
I’m kind of a perfectionist.
I have the worst kind of humor in the world. Seriously.
I spend too much time in front of my computer… according to my mother.
I like to take photos and draw.
I'm actually right-handed, but I'm teaching myself to write with my left hand. 
I'm not very tall. 164 cm. 
I love The Beatles. 
I cried at the end of The Return of the King.
I like unhappy endings. Even though they usually make me cry. But that's why I like them.
I drink a lot of tea.. No matter which season it is!  
I was very dissapointed on my 12th birthday. Never got the freaking letter from Hogwarts. 
I bought red and light-beige converse only because the tenth Doctor wore them in Doctor Who. 
I'm not very fond of Twilight. Sorry.
I prefer ninjas over pirates in most cases. Except when the pirate is called Jack Sparrow. 
I like cats more than dogs. 
I have a weakness for tall and skinny men. 
I tend to like the bad guys in books, movies and tv-series. Also the "hero's" sidekick. 
I have experienced the death of many of my favourite characters.
I like to go to museums and exhibitions. 
I am partially Swedish.  
I would rather go out and buy a REAL cd instead of buying it on iTunes. 
I prefer Mac over PC any day of the week!
I dislike white chocolate. 
I hate the sound of people sneezing.  
I would like to see Sherlock and John hug in the next series of Sherlock.
I work best on my own. 
I have done someone else's homework for them once. 
I would prefer to have a Harry Potter marathon rather than go to a party, BUT...
I always bring a banana to a party!
I can't play a single musical instrument. 
I have never watched Titanic.
(^ this is actually a lie...)  
I have ruined/spoiled a lot of books for myself by reading the last page of the book, before I actually started reading it. 
I didn't cry when Sirius Black died, but I did when Dobby died
I fangirl at the very least once a day. 
I get really annoyed when someone just answers a text message with 'k'. Don't do it, guys!
I have used far too much time on this now.


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